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Martian Puppy Dog

Martian Puppy Dog, 2006


By Everett A Warren

Eyes upon the heavens
For the flash of life
Beyond may lie a universe
And there may your hopes reside
Pray for the grinding of thermal emissions
A light far off glimpsed between the cloudbanks
Whereby it may be claimed that Others arc along the sky
So conquered
Flight lies in the past forgotten
More is sought
Heights unfathomed
Man has broken ground and soars on tenuous wings
How weak they become
Under the light of the sun
Cries forever drift into the night
Seeking higher sights
A reason and a method must bend the world to a will
How far past the truth
Mankind's Wise do range
Humanocentric thought
Answers so limited render nothing
Grave moments of silence fall as though a dream must fail
Projecting outward
The truth lies hidden
The inner strength is lost
Unacknowledged frontiers
Where strange thoughts play in the fabric of all life

Copyright © 1992 Everett A Warren

Although I'm sure you realize our little Martian puppy dog up there is not, in fact, from the planet Mars, you may be curious, and wondering exactly what he really is. He is a Sphinx eremitus, a hermit sphinx moth caterpillar. But with that wagging tail, I'm sure he looks exactly like puppy dogs on Mars look. I mean, after all, he is green...

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Martian Puppy Dog
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Actually, [livejournal.com profile] aequitaslevitas found him in the mint.

I went through my usually-insta-ID sources, and couldn't find him listed there.

Any ideas?

Click through for a few more pictures of different angles.

Edit: We found the answer! Rachel and I figured it out - it's a hermit sphinx moth caterpillar.
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On top of all the sick, I got bit by something yesterday. It was irritating for the remainder of the day and over night - I'm sure it added to some of the sleeplessness last night.

Today, it's hot. If my hands get cold, I could warm them over my knee. I keep wondering if I'll start seeing wisps of smoke rising from the cloth covering it... =)
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So, the bug that's bugging me lately - maybe even more so than the Japanese beetles - is the European hornet. Here's a picture of why, part one. Part two is that they like lights at night and have stopped us from coming in the door a few times.

And tonight, the damn hornet - a little bigger than my thumb - is in the CFL by the garage. Flew up into the coil. I replaced the light in front and back with CFL bug lights, and we were going to do that one when we noticed the hornet's business end. Hoped it was dead, but at a tap from a stick, it climbed further in. So we skipped that light.

In other, unrelated news, Justin is off with friends watching the football game at the high school.
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No! White Anglo-Saxon Protestants have nothing to fear (at least not from us, excepting those stupid enough to stand between us and our chosen prey!) But them leetle waspy critters, they're drenched in icky-sticky stuff that kills them instantly, or in 24 hours.

The other good news: we cleared 5 rows, and put the first row of insulation down. Tomorrow morning we'll staple that and get the next three rows in.
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Justin and I almost removed another 4x8' sheet - took longer to breathe than anything else. Deb wouldn't let me wake him up early, so we waited until after lunch. To work in an uninsulated attic room. When the sun is out.

I think we spontaneously combusted a few times, but we got better.

So, we wait. Even with the fan on, my hopes for working on it this evening aren't very high. Tomorrow, Monday, and Tuesday morning, no problem...

Have to mow the lawn this evening, and apply more Plantskydd. Need to get some anti-Japanese beetle stuff too. They were delayed in getting to us this year, but they're munching away on the sassafras and wisteria, and I'm sure they'll move on to other things as well. I'm still confident they emerge down the road - not confident enough to not treat for larvae earlier in the year - but they sweep into the southern corner of the property first, and gradually work their way north and north east. They don't seem to bother with the western bits. Guess those leaves don't taste as good, or aren't as good for their sexual exploits.

Played some quoits earlier today with Justin, Rachel, and Deb's cousin Mallory, who is staying with us until Sunday (I think...) She's somewhere between Justin and Rachel's age, likes helping out with Brandon, and throws quoits nearly as good bad as us. Actually, everyone but Rachel hit a ringer today, which is a vast improvement. On average, we still miss the entire slate more often than not...

Might play a game of kubb later, when the girls get back from getting safflower oil and - shhhhhh, don't tell Justin - ice cream.

I don't know what it is about our mailbox, but the wasps like to build nests there - usually in the newspaper slot. So I sprayed the last gasp of Spectraside on them yesterday - enough to make the nest undesirable but not enough to knock the wasp out. Stupid and stubborn, the new nest is directly in front of where the mail door opens up. More wasp spray, too - hopefully Deb picks some more up at the store.
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It was confirmed: three coyotes were spotted at the Lehigh Gap Refuge, which means that when Justin and I were there hiking with [livejournal.com profile] kk1raven and lj-less Chris last fall and we spent some time speculating on exactly what kind of creature made those coyote, wolf, or family-dog type tracks. Naturally, we did not have the same difficulty identifying the tracks left by the hordes of penguins that had marched through the area on their way to world domination (they had made a wrong turn at Albequerque and thus wound up in NEPA.)

Just moments ago, I had the distinct pleasure of tasting Reese's Peanut Butter Cups with Caramel, and, having done so once, need not do so again. The caramel did nothing for (or, to be fair, against) the peanut butter cup. Out of all the variations, I must say the original is still the best. As a matter of some related news, the price of the common candy bar has now gone up to 65 cents. I half-imagined that somewhere the price increase was being blamed on the increase in gasoline prices.

Ramble on... )

Tick Tock

Apr. 28th, 2006 03:01 pm
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Bah! I knew somehow I'd miss the big updatia item. Wednesday night, Rachel discovered a tick on her leg.

The little sucker (quite literally) came off easily with our deadly splinter tweezer thingies. It is currently crawling around in a sealed zip lock bag - head, body, and all; still in one piece. I had heard something on the news about someone wanting you to send them ticks - especially those that bite people - for disease testing. Unfortunately, I can't remember exactly *who* wanted them, or even who reported it (tv news? newspaper? web page?)

Deb is supposed to have called either the county extension office (which is, I believe, the contact, or the source of information about the contact) and/or the Department of Health. To my knowledge, she has not done this, so the tick remains a fridge ornament.


Nov. 19th, 2005 01:00 pm
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I added a bunch of photos:

Two very late updates to the Kiwi Trellis - May and June! =)

Some pictures from around the yard - late spring, early summer

Wildlife and Other Creatures - from deer to stickbugs to cats to kids and more!

The last set actually has pictures that are (just slightly) over a month old! Someday, I'll get a digital camera, and there will be less excuses for the film to photos to scans to posting delays... =)
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Beetles Bug Me
July 17, 2005

Two rocks
in hand
"to grind yer bones"
we say,
but the Japanese Beetles
aren't that bright
and they remain
on leaves
half-way skeletonized
until the rocks meet
and they lie in between.

Mostly they are found in pairs -
one on top of the other
(Gee Dubya wouldn’t approve
of such flagrant displays in public,
and, for once, I must agree)
but they end the same,
and the daddy long legs come
along the kiwi leaves
like vultures on stilts
to finish off the job.

They begin their lives in lawns -
other peoples lawns, so far,
by the way they come in waves
from one downwind, downroad direction -
white grubs munching grassroots like politics,
so that it may still look good on the surface (for a little while),
but it comes up easily like a rug (or a bad hairpiece)
revealing the corruption within.

They tackle the sassafras first,
its lemon-scented leaves shaped
like an innocent child's mitten;
last year they decided they liked wisteria,
but this year they seem
to have given it a pass
(after munching half of it)
and have discovered a new love: kiwi.

And now, today, they've
decided chestnut is to their taste,
but someone at last has decided they taste good -
as I watched an assassin bug
move quickly to the underside of a leaf
to enjoy a good meal
and to fight the good fight.

Copyright (c) 2005 Everett Ambrose Warren

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a quick drink
July 17, 2005

swooping down
sipping rainwater
between blades of grass
head over heels,
or antenna over tail,
wings spread wide,
first showing one side
then the other;
dipping down for a drink
before the sun banishes it
or the leaves of grass sip it,
fluttering, then flying away
as the cicadas begin to sing

Copyright (c) 2005 Everett Ambrose Warren

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as the moth flies
July 17, 2005

as the moth flies
tracing celtic knots
winding intricate unseen
over green meadow
rising from the earth
around the rain drops
cascading from the sky

as the moth flies
weaving a tapestry
dancing with its dreams
around old oak tree
rising from the earth
over green leaves
reaching to the sky

as the moth flies
spiraling wild
flittering through the air
over and under
rising from the earth
around and through
wandering from the sky

as the moth flies

Copyright (c) 2005 Everett Ambrose Warren


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