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Here is the band Lethal, with Immune, from 1990's Programmed:

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Today we have another video by Stream of Passion ~ "another" because a year or so ago, I posted the video for their very-nearly self-titled tune Passion. This tune is Out In The Real World, and it is also from the band's 2005 debut album, Embrace the Storm.

The band is multinational, but, thanks to certain travel policies put in place by certain countries, the diversity was challenged in the few short years the band has been around and only two of the original members remain with the band now. The band was formed by Arjen Anthony Lucassen, from the Netherlands, playing lead and rhythm guitars, and Marcela Bovio, from Mexico, performing lead vocals and violin. The band also included, at the time of this first album, of American lead guitarist Lori Linstruth, Mexican pianist Alejandro Milan, and a rhythm section of Johan van Stratum on bass and Davy Mickers on drums, both from the Netherlands. Marcela and Johan are the only remaining original members at this time.

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Here's another track off of Opeth's most recent release, last year's Watershed. The video for the tune Porcelain Heart has more of the the lacey Victorian skirt twirling as yesterday's video, but whereas Burden featured a woman in a white dress who just might walk into a tree ~ that's "into", as opposed to "into" ~ today, the woman is wearing a black dress, and, well, there's two women. Instead of a sad and lonely young man who is most likely losing the woman in the white dress to the aforementioned tree, we have an evil and scheming man ~ with hints of things vampiric about him ~ who, ahem, charms the two women... and one (or perhaps both) of those two women don't live to see the end of the video.

Although it's no where near as extreme as the recent Pain of Salvation video, I do have to provide a polite disclaimer that some scenes in this video may not be safe for work. Then again, when I worked an office job, streaming videos of any kind, no matter the content, were verboten, so what do I know?

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Today we have a studio video, with the edit of Burden from 2008's Watershed. From the way this launches into the tune, I'd expect some of that editing might have happened at the outset, but it's a great song, and the visuals might strike a chord with a number of you out there.

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Today's tune is In My Time Of Need from 2003's Damnation.

Reviews for this album mention things like folk rock, 1970's post-psychedelic music, Steve Hackett (formerly of Genesis), and Wishbone Ash. Others have said the only way you can classify the album is to call it beautiful.

With this tune, the verse is pretty much spoken, with a cascading delivery, so you don't get much of a feel for Mikael Akerfeldt's vocals until a bit later in the piece.

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Wrapping up the Pain of Salvation set, we have Undertow, from 2002's Remedy Lane.

This album was my first experience with the band, and it is still my favorite work by them.

The quality of the sound in the video is a bit canned, but there you have it.

Let me go
Let me go
Let me seek the answer that I need to know
Let me find a way
Let me walk away
Through the Undertow
Please let me go

Let me fly
Let me fly
Let me rise against that blood-red velvet sky
Let me chase it all
Break my wings and fall
Probably survive
So let me fly
Let me fly...

Let me run
Let me run
Let me ride the crest of chance into the sun
You were always there
But you may lose me here
Now love me if you dare
And let me run

I'm alive and I am true to my heart now - I am I,
but why must truth always make me die?

Let me break!
Let me bleed!
Let me tear myself apart I need to breathe!
Let me lose my way!
Let me walk astray!
Maybe to proceed...
Just let me bleed!

Let me drain!
Let me die!
Let me break the things I love I need to cry!
Let me burn it all!
Let me take my fall!
Through the cleansing fire!
Now let me die!
Let me die...

Let me out
Let me fade into that pitch-black velvet night
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Today's tune, Flame to the moth, the penultimate in the set, is from their most recent studio album, 2007's Scarsick. They're performing it live in this clip.

I long for the summer
I long for the sun
gently touching my face
I’ll open my eyes
let it burn every splinter
unleash desert storms
on its way to my heart
and I had this coming
every day of my life
this is where I stop fighting
eyes open wide
you took this blade
and cut a wreck
and in one blow
laid bare your neck
where did we go wrong?
I once had blue eyes
hungry and wise
now they are black from this
dark age of lies
we’re all privatized
we capitalize on the beams in our
it’s all in the eyes
eyes - tearing with sorrow
burning with anger and passion and lust
the swift wind of thought
of wildness and laughter
the soil of defiance
the firm ground of trust
(we had this coming - every day of our lives)
(we should start fighting for eyes open wide)
but I am put here
in this world gone insane
where everything’s for sale
from nature, over stars down to DNA
then I can gladly say
that I’d be the first to break that norm
any day
any way
and the last to join the ranks
to hunt down the Daily Threat
or any other brand of prey
you took this blade
and cut a wreck
and in one blow
laid bare your neck
where did we go wrong?
we once had blue eyes
probing the skies
now they are blackened
from this modern life
all privatized
a failure
offensive and sore to the eye
one small step for man
maybe this time I’ll fly
and if I hit the ground
it’s the way we all die
we are wrecks of the cut
soups of the season
with dollar sign scars
from this dark age of treason
we all know how to cry
then we learn how to smile
how to smile
we’re all telling the truth
tell us the truth!
then we learn how to lie
and oh, how we lie
how we
when you bow your heads tomorrow
at the world we build today
I want you to remember
that I stood my ground
and said no
(say no)
I said no...
say no!
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Today we have an acoustic piece, This heart of mine (I pledge), originally from the highly recommended 2002 album Remedy Lane
, it can also be found in a performance closer to the one in this video as Brickwork II (This heart of mine T5) from the 2004 album 12:5:

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One of my favorite instruments is the harpsichord, and guess what instrument leads off the finale of a target="_blank" href="http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002W194C?ie=UTF8&tag=elysianfiel08-20&linkCode=as2&camp=1789&creative=390957&creativeASIN=B0002W194C">Be.

If you guessed that a synth with a harpsichord sample does the job of leading off Martius/Nauticus II, you'd be wrong.

That's a real, honest-to-goodness harpsichord, which is pretty cool.

The mandola from Imago (Homines Partus) is back, along with the themes presented in that tune.

The whole concert can be found on DVD here: Pain of Salvation - Be Live.
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Today's tune is Vocari dei, from Be (DVD).

The band provided the music, the fans provide the vocals.

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Today, we're getting into wealth and greed... we meet three characters in this piece. Miss Mediocrity, Mr. Money, and the title character, Dea Pecuniae.

This tune, from Be (DVD), seems different now than it did a couple of years ago. A few more people might be aware of what Mr. Money and his brethren have done to the economic systems of the world, but it's all the more irritating because Mr. Money is still doing business as usual, or as close to it as he's able to get away with. Of course, Mr. Money's biggest fan club is Miss Mediocrity, by definition, and most of us are her. Some are outright admirers of Mr. Money and support him how ever they can, others just help Mr. Money make more money by working for him, or by being a customer.

So, here's to us...

[I. Mr. Money]

[Miss Mediocrity:]
"Hey there sweetie. Don't I know you? I swear I recognize your face...
and those beautiful eyes... You know, they say the eyes are the
doorway to ones soul... There's a smile. A little shy, aren't we? Hey,
do you wanna get out of here

[Mr. Money:]
Hey Miss Mediocrity, gee, I'm sorry
You've seen me on TV, I'm Mr. Money
Now you want someone to hold you
And call when you're in town
Someone to calm you and confirm you
Well, I'm here...
...to let you down
'Cause outside these sexy cars
And far from my trendy bars
Behind these smiles...
[Miss Mediocrity:]
"...maybe go someplace..."
[Mr. Money:]
...And sunscreen...
[Miss Mediocrity:]
"...more quiet, where we could... you know... talk!"
[Mr. Money:]
...And "Live the Dream!"s...
[Miss Mediocrity:]
"...and get to know each other..."
[Mr. Money:]
I am cold!
[Miss Mediocrity:]
[Mr. Money:]
And mean!

[Miss Mediocrity:]
"How about a ride in that Bentley up front? It's yours isn't it? I'll
be a good girl, I promise!
...or bad...
...whatever you like!"

[Mr. Money:]
Daily Finance - that's me in the Armani
Three Mercedes 350, two Ferraris
I could have bought a Third World country
With the riches that I've spent
But hey
All modern economics claim that I deserved
Every single cent
And the one time I'm the lesser half
Is when we split the tab
So here's to Friends, Family and Liberty, Genuinity, here's to
Happiness, Success, Good Press, No Stress...
But most of all...

Here's to Me!
Here's to Me!
Here's to Me!
There will be nothing left...
Here's to Me! ([Dea Pecuniae:] Oh baby, baby)
Here's to Me! ([Dea Pecuniae:] I'll take care of you)
Here's to Me!
There will be nothing left...
Nothing left...
...for you

[Dea Pecuniae:]
"If you're looking for fulfillment
A Kingdom and a Crown
A Paradise of Free Rides
I am here...
...to let you down
I'll get you the sexy cars
And a taste of divinity
A glimpse of the Stars
But then Vanity
Will leave you dried and scarred
([Mr. Money:] That's right, oh, give it to me!)

Here's to Me! ([Mr. Money:] Oh baby, baby)
Here's to Me! ([Mr. Money:] You'll take care of me)
Here's to Me!
To me"

[II. Permanere]

[Mr. Money:]
But then when it's silent
And the lights from the bars go down
I need comforting
'Cause somewhere there deep inside
Feelings of loss arise
And I hate to lose!

[III: I Raise My Glass]

They say it's lonely at the top
Then I'm as lonely as can be
But I am not too sorry
You see, I've chosen this company
I got myself a winning team
It's Me, Myself and I
You bet it's lonely at the top old friends
And I'm here today to tell you suckers why!
(Dea Pecuniae!)
Dea Pecuniae
Money rules...
They claim that I get paid for my big Responsibility
But hey, you know...
That is just a lame excuse
For my egocentricity
They say that we're really the same you and I
And I truly do agree
You see
Just like me
You live for me
Until the day you die
And so I raise my glass to all of you who really believe that I get
paid for my big responsibility
To all of you who suck it up and pay my debts
To all of you who think that my lifestyle does not affect the environment
Or the poverty
Well, maybe not more than marginally anyway
Good for you!
And you know what?
Here's to you...
And I raise my glass, to those of you who give their piece of the cake
for free, for me to throw in the face of democracy
For those who help making solidarity ideologically untrendy
And charity individualistically idiotic, unsmart and characteristically bendy
I salute thee you poor bastards 'cause you all nod while I sit at your table
So let's raise our glasses one last time, to give you all the greatest
recognition and credit of all times - cause after all, let's face it;
that's the only "thank you" you will ever get
So come on now - raise your glasses!
Here's to YOU
There will be nothing left - no!
Nothing left...
...but money
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Continuing with 2004's Be, from the DVD Pain of Salvation - Be Live, we have the song Imago (Homines Partus).

The instrumentation on this tune is a bit varied... Daniel plays mandola, Kristoffer plays an upright acoustic bass, and guitarist Johan joins drummer Johan ~ and keyboardist Fredrik (for most of the tune) ~ in providing percussion.

Spring came with awakening, came with happiness and joy
Spring came with a longing of the world as our toy
Summer came with restlessness and curiousity
Summer came with longing for the things we could not be

Take me to the forest, take me to the sea
Take me anywhere as long as you take me
Take me to the ocean, take me to the trees
Take me to the Breathe and BE

Summer came with knowledge, came with ego came with pride
Autumn came with shamefulness for the things we could not hide
Winter came with anger and a bitter taste of fate
Winter came with fear for the things we could not escape

Take me to the forest, teach me of the trees
Teach me anywhere as long as you teach me
Teach me to the ocean, teach me to the sea
Teach me how to Breathe and BE

Teach me of the forest, teach me of the trees
Teach me anything as long as you teach me
Teach me of the ocean, teach me of the sea
Teach me how to Breathe and BE

See me! I am the one creation
Hear me! I am all the love that came from Animae
See me! I am the one creation
Hear me! I am all the love that came from Animae

Give me of the forest, give me of the trees
Give me anything as long as it's for me
Teach me of the ocean, teach me of the sea
Teach me of the Breathe and BE

Give me all the forests, give me all the trees
Give me everything as long as it's for free
Give me all the oceans, give me all the seas
Give me all the breathing BE
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Today's tune is two: Animae partus and Deus nova from 2004's Be. The clip itself is from the DVD Pain of Salvation - Be Live.

Pain of Salvation is a Swedish band, and they are performing here with the Orchestra of Eternity.

The clip stops mid way through the second tune, so what we get here are essentially two introductory pieces. The lyrics in the second piece, excluding the narration by the different voices performing the key character are a simple population count:

10,000 BC -
1 Million people
9,500 BC -
2 Million people
9,000 BC -
3 Million people
8,500 BC -
4 Million people
8,000 through 5,000 BC -
5 Million people
4,500 BC -
6 Million people
4,000 BC -
7 Million people
3,500 BC -
10 Million people
3,000 BC -
14 Million people
2,500 BC -
20 Million people
2,000 BC -
27 Million people
1,500 BC -
38 Million people
1,000 BC -
50 Million people
500 BC -
100 Million people
Year 1 AD -
170 Million people
500 AD -
190 Million people
1,000 AD -
254 Million people
1,500 AD -
425 Million people
Year 2,000 AD -
6,080 Million people

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Fates Warning's second vocalist, Ray Alder, has done some other projects in addition to Fates... here he is with Redemption, on the tune Bleed Me Dry from 2007's The Origins Of Ruin:

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We're wrapping up the Fates Warning set with the tune Monument from their 1994 release Inside Out.

The video is an edit of the tune on the album, but they still managed to keep bits and pieces of both Frank Aresti's electric guitar solo and Jim Matheos' classical guitar solo.


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