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When she was two, we thought she had already passed through her teen years and acted as if she was in her early twenties.

Now, for the first time ever, she really is a teenager.

Today, Rachel turns lucky thirteen.

She is making the transition from being an incredible kid to becoming an incredible young woman.

I am so proud of her.

Also, if I may remind any potential gentleman callers, I have chainsaws. Before you take her out on a date, I will discuss which ones are sharp and which ones would hurt more should you accidentally come in contact with them...
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18 years ago [profile] aequitaslevitas arrived on the scene...

We were in the hospital in the morning for an ultrasound and talk of inducing after a certain point. Deb was a little uncomfortable. The techs asked if it might be contractions.

No, no... maybe false contractions, but probably not even that.

We headed home.

We turned around, and went directly to the ob/gyn's office.

2 cm dilated.

We headed home again.

I took some pictures where Deb looked like she as about ready to rip off the arms of the rocking chair. Mostly, though, I read to her, trying to distract her.

Somehow I lived through the Looks of Death (they were plural), and, eventually, she gave in and decided she had to get back to the hospital.

So we went back. I dropped her off at the emergency room and went to park the car.

I walked back in, went upstairs, and discovered the ob/gyn we'd been working with was on vacation (which he wasn't earlier in the day, and had said nothing about it at that time), and we discovered we had to deal with a different doc we had never met.

He sat there reading a newspaper and cracking jokes while the nurses moved around and did a ton of work. As this was my first time being around a birth, I was feeling pretty clueless, useless, confused, and ticked off at the doctor.

I was about to head back out to the car to get the stuff for the long stay through that long first labor, when the doc put down the paper, turned around, and took immediate control and, less than an hour after we pulled up to the emergency room, I held Justin in my arms.

~ ~ ~

Now, he's nearly as tall as me, is graduating high school soon, has about a year of college credits, and will be heading off to college next year...
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This morning, Rachel woke up suddenly.

"What time was I born?"

She was off by a few minutes. =)

A dozen years, minus about a half hour, after we spent the night at the birthing center with the midwife, I piloted Deb and the midwife down an icy hill, almost driving right into the emergency room entrance (The smokers sitting on the bench in front of the glass entry way got up and moved. Quickly.) The midwife commandeered ~ and by this I mean that the under 5' tall woman barked orders like a commanding general to an infantry squad ~ an ambulance crew who were intending on reloading a stretcher (once they got around my car, which was stopped almost blocking the door), and re-routed them back into the hospital and up to the delivery room. After parking the car somewhat more legally than the "don't even think of driving here" area the midwife had me drop them off at, I was able to find the delivery room quite easily, as ~ well, there wasn't quite a swath of destruction, but for some reason, there was still a clear path from the charge of the midwife's phalanx. I just had to walk a little bit further, and I think I might have had to ask "Which way did the..." once, without getting the entire question out, and people just pointed, and I found them.

Minutes later, with everyone in the hospital and probably the entire state watching (seriously, it felt like an old operating theater, with crowds of people...) I held my favoritest daughter ever, Rachel Laurana, in my arms.
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Seventeen years ago, [livejournal.com profile] aequitaslevitas was born, and I became a father.

I woke him up this morning with a verse (and a half, or so ~ I was pretty tired... =) of Hippo Birdies.

This evening we went out for dinner at The Outback, and just now we introduced [livejournal.com profile] patrixa to Repo: The Genetic Opera. Actually, she heard us singing along with it all the way down to the restaurant, but [livejournal.com profile] aequitaslevitas wanted to watch it as well.

Anywho, happy birthday Justin! =)
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  1. Ate bagels from a (nearly!) local deli
  2. Drove over to Beltzville and parked my car along one of the tall-curb islands in the lot
  3. [livejournal.com profile] patrixa parked her car behind mine, leaving some room between them
  4. I went for a walk with [livejournal.com profile] patrixa while [livejournal.com profile] aequitaslevitas, under the direction of my little baby brother, learned to parallel park.
  5. [livejournal.com profile] aequitaslevitas and I hung Kissmas lights
  6. Aforementioned brother, who was a roofer for four or more years, climbed up to the roof, cleared out the two gutters that are a royal pain to get to (steep angle, no good access) and slipped in the gutter brush thingies
  7. Rachel and Mr. B played basketball
  8. Went out to dinner at Marblehead Grille and Chowder House as an early celebration of Rachel's birthday a month away.
  9. Rachel opened presents my mom and brother imported

How I'll Spend the Day After Black Friday
Moving [livejournal.com profile] dragonflypug. Again. It's been almost a year since the last time, I think... =)
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  • Voyeur bee watching me get out of the shower: check
  • Yellow jackets buzzing around while loading the truck: check
  • [livejournal.com profile] patrixa singing me a happy birthday while I navigate through the vast city of Weisport (i.e. all 550 or so feet of its cross-section): check
  • 7 gallons of gas pumped into the gas and mix tanks: check
  • One-quarter of the plot tilled three times: check
  • Approximately 30-40 cubic feet of compost scooped, moved, dumped, and raked out prior to the second tilling pass: check
  • Stop by the John Deere dealer to add a 7830 to my dad's collection: check
  • Make it home before UPS comes with a hugeous box: check
  • Discover that the scale of the Milwaukee 5342-21 2-Inch SDS-max Rotary Hammerreally doesn't come through via pictures on the web: check
  • Discover that, if you consider your average consumer grade electric drill to be, say, sizewise, a 9mm pistol, the hammer drill is an Uzi, and the rotary hammer is an M-60: check
  • Or maybe a howitzer: check
  • Thinking there are air-powered jackhammers smaller than this: check
  • Discovering it finishes off the hole that took the hammer drill almost an hour to make in about 5 seconds: check
  • Discovering that it makes a brand new hole, cut clear through, in the same rock, from start to finish in about 30 seconds: check
  • Realizing that I'm always right when I always say "use the right tool for the job": check
  • Realizing this is the right tool for the job: check
  • Watching Mr. B play with the John Deere collection: check
  • Eating a dinner of pork sausage, garlic mashed potato, and corn: check
  • Blowing out the candle on the ice cream cake: check
  • Opening presents (including this and this!): check
  • Eating a piece of the aforementioned ice cream cake: check

Yep, that's most of it. =)
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[livejournal.com profile] aequitaslevitas is sixteen today!

Actually, we don't go to PennDOT to test for the permit until Friday, but close enough!

If you'd like to shower him with gifts, I have a wish list set aside for him! =)

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  • Woke up early
  • Mailed half a brazillion holiday cards
  • Opened three kids accounts
  • Picked out a monkey for Mr. B
  • Took Rachel to karate
  • Sat outside with Justin and Mr. B
  • Went mostly insane
  • Sang bits from many different tunes
  • Sekrit Message for [livejournal.com profile] noone234: We've got the core of a Mana Mana arrangement; like The Muppets, we'll likely stick Birdland in the middle
  • Mr. B sang "Shock the Monkey"
  • Mr. B played peek-a-boo with the monkey
  • Mr. B discovered the monkey's name is Monkey
  • Having completely lost our minds, we sang silly songs
  • Mr. B came up with rousing renditions of "Shock the Daddy" and "Shock the Justin"
  • "Driving down the road, passed the Fed Ex creature" was the song that pushed Rachel off the edge
  • She leaped from the car after I checked the mailbox and immediately before I pressed the accelerator
  • The song wasn't that bad
  • She even sang along later
  • I lectured her on exactly how close she came to not making it to her next birthday and how jumping out of cars is generally forbidden
  • Her birthday is tomorrow, so she came damn close to almost not making it
  • We watched some more of the Muppet Show episodes from season 2, stopping one sketch into the John Cleese one
  • Rachel's birthday restaurant of choice isn't open on Sundays, so we went tonight
  • She chose Marblehead Grill and Chowder House
  • Again
  • Food was very good
  • Mr. B and I were the only ones with doggie bags
  • Yes, I could not finish my dinner; it was too much food
  • That should serve as a message to those who doubt - my eating habits are changing; last year I ate my dinner, and, I think it might have been the year before that I ate my dinner, finished Rachel's and finished Mr. B's
  • On the way home, we discussed stopping at the local lights display
  • I wasn't up for it, but Rachel decided (after we drove past it) that she really wanted to go tonight; I was all for holding off until Wednesday
  • Deb convinced me to go because she had her new boots on, and if I stopped at home she'd change into sensible shoes
  • We circled around and found free member trees in the mailbox - bit late for planting this year, though!
  • We drove back and went to the lights
  • They had a music synched display that was much better than last year, much more in-sync than any I've seen
  • Mr. B had a short discussion with Mr. Claus
  • I stayed outside with Justin to watch the music display, but I'm pretty sure the conversation included a request for a lello reraser
  • Someone proposed to Deidra with a panel of lights set up amidst all the other lights
  • When we got home, it was just starting to rain, so we picked the perfect time to go
  • We wrapped presents for Deb and put them under the tree
  • I'm going to sleep now
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Hope both [livejournal.com profile] erce and [livejournal.com profile] katequicksilvr had a great day, with many happy returns!

(And [livejournal.com profile] katequicksilvr... the conga rats are still dancing for you in celebration of your recent wedding! =)
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Many happy returns of the day! And, if things go as usual, they will return, as I think you've been celebrating your 21st birthday for quite a few years... =)


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