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I wound up getting some time on bass, guitar, and vocals last night.

Worked on a few things on the fretless. Right hand technique is too mongrelized to get smooth speed ~ independently, I can get decent speed from any one of the three, but they really need to play nice together (literally). I should probably do some scales and exercises. Never really did those on the bass. Listening to Steve Bailey the other day (not to mention nearly every other bass player of note) really inspired me.

Played a few different things, some Lefty Valdez stuff, mostly just noodling though, finding a groove here and there. I goofed around with Whitesnake's Still of the Night ~ root on the guitar part, anyway. Never even looked into what Rudy played on that (if it was even Rudy on the album... he might have come in later, like Viv and Adrian did for Sykes).

Switched to guitar after a while, and messed around with some heavier rhythms. Mostly improv, or my old tunes, with a bit of this and that here and there. Noodled about with everything from heavy blues to smooth jazz. Ryan asked if I could play Crazy Train, and I couldn't remember the riff at all ~ been a while since I played it! Brought up some tab for it and played a bit of it, and it sounded off. Found some other tab that was arranged the way I used to play it, and lo, it was much easier and betterer.

Went to karaoke for the first time in a long time. Put in Crazy Train for my first song ~ never sang that one before, and it went over well. Tracey had me sing C is for Cookie as well. Also sang Dude (Looks Like a Lady) and Love Lies Bleeding. Being able to invoke a genuine Wicked Pissa accent helps with the former, and there was a bit of an Elton John theme going on, so I had to go with the latter. Didn't quite nail the James LaBrie/Dream Theater covering Elton John thing that I was aiming for, as my lazy, out-of-practice vocalizer was having some disagreements with me, but that's the fun of it, right?
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Today's tune is Stream Dream from his 2002 album, Live Insanity ~ and I wouldn't be surprised if this video is of that same album performance:

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Today's tune is The King's Cup from Tony's 1987 album Maximum Security, although this clip is of more recent vintage:

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This video looks like it just might have come from Paul Gilbert's instructional DVD, Terrifying Guitar Trip ~ a reviewer mentions the "crazy backgrounds", so that makes this a somewhat uneducated guess. =)

This tune is Paul's attempts to play flamenco, without having any real grounding in the art... so it's not traditional, but it is some nice acoustic guitar playing:

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Wrapping up our little set of rhapsodies Bohemian, here's Edgar Cruz with a performance on nylon string guitar:

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Today's tune is another one that might prove recognizable to some...

The California Guitar Trio recorded Bohemian Rhapsody (Album Version) on their 2008 album Echoes.

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Ol' Joey Bach sure could write a decent tune, no?

This cover of Bach's best can be heard on CGT's 1995 album Invitation:

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Today's tune combines some other tunes that may be familiar...

Ghost Riders In The Storm, from CGT's 2004 release Whitewater

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Here's some fingerpicking acoustic guitar... and a tune that just might be familiar to some of you:

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These are... interesting... not so much funny, but there you go. I'm not in the most jovial of moods anywho...

... proving once and for all that anyone can play guitar...

... okay, so this one has some "embellishments" and that adds an element of the funny...

... or is it that a guitar in hand is worth two or four or a dozen for the birds...
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Nebs started it, but where he went in a more traditional direction, violins and sonnets and all, I went with something completely different... because we all know that this would be how the Big V would write it if he was around today (although he'd be playing it with his Italian power metal band, where these performances are by At Vance, a German power metal band... =)

Up first, because we're there, is Winter, from 2005's Chained:

Then we move on to Spring, from 2002's Only Human:

And for this three-season tour (they haven't, to my knowledge, released a performance of Autumn yet), we have Summer, from their 1999 debut album, No Escape:

If you insist on something more traditional, the best performance of these works that I've come across would easily be Le Quattro Stagioni Op 8 Nos 1-4, performed by Trevor Pinnock and The English Concert with Simon Standage ripping it up on the lead violin.


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