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Today's tune is a nice slow blues piece, House Of Broken Love, from their 1989 album ...Twice Shy.

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When I started pulling aside the Dani Wilde videos (which went by without comments), I came across a few where Dani performed with Deborah Coleman (who also had stuff go by without comment) and one by Candy Kane (yesterday, again no comments), I had thought I pulled one with all three of them performing the Irma Thomas tune You Can Have My Husband, which can be found on the MP3 album Legendary Lady's of Soul & R&B (along with Etta James, Ella Washington, Ruth Brown, Big Maybelle, and Della Reese), but since I just thought I grabbed the link, and since each of the three performers went by without comment, I'm not going to go hunt it down... it is out there if anyone cares to go give it a listen.

However, I will make you suffer with the blues for one more day, and we'll wrap up the set of blues tunes as a whole with a performance of the Irma Thomas tune by Irma Thomas herself, accompanied by a guitarist you just may have heard of before: Mr. B.B. King.

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We're moving from an evil gal to a bad girl, with Candy Kane on vocals and Laura Chavez on guitar:

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If you haven't watched yesterday's video yet, head over there now and check out Gina Sicilia's performance of the Dinah Washington tune Evil Gal Blues.

My bad for scheduling both of Gina's pieces on the weekend when less people are watching.

Of course, the segue from that to this is really all in the second half of today's tune, so if you want, you can go ahead and listen to Soulville (Single Version) first... whatever it's merits, it's the flipside we're looking at here, and that would be Aretha Franklin's performance of Evil Gal Blues, which you can find on more than one of her albums, including 1990's Aretha Sings the Blues.

The performance here, as recorded on a 45rpm slice o' vinyl, predates that album just a wee bit... =)

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Here's Gina Sicilia, performing the Dinah Washington tune Evil Gal Blues:

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Today's tune is by blues singer Gina Sicilia.. here is Kissin' in the Dark, from her 2008 album Hey Sugar (there's a short intro with some other music before it segues into the tune):

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Here's another tune performed by Robin Rogers and guitarist, a bit more of a blues roots number:

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We're leaving behind the blues guitarists, and moving on to some vocalists ~ which is to say the person named in the title is not playing the guitar...

Today's tune is Treat Me Right, from 2008's Treat Me Right.

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Today we have Ana Popovic, with My Man, which can be found on 2005's Ana! Live in Amsterdam... and considering this video was filmed live in Amsterdam, it could well be the same performance:

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I'm surprised, usually when I post blues videos I get ~ well, not a lot of responses, but certainly more than from the rock stuff.

This past round o' the blues, however, has received significantly fewer responses than the prog metal set before hand, and that surprises me...

I know I introduced one of you to Joanne Shaw Taylor's playing, but I was surprised not to hear some reaction ~ any reaction ~ to Dani Wilde's work, or Sue Foley's (the Saturday and Sunday videos were all instrumental, and in my opinion, a bit superior to the Monday and Tuesday vocal work, so having the stronger work on low traffic days is a slight miscalculation on my part...)
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Finally, a Sue Foley tune that can be found on one ~ and, I expect, at least one other ~ of her albums!

The album in question, just released this past August 11th, is Queen Bee: The Antones Collection, is a collection referring to both the record label the original material was recorded for and released back in the nineties and, of course, the tune of the day:

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Continuing the Sue Foley set, and still within the overall blues set, here's the country blues tune Fool Me Good:

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Here's a clip of Sue Foley performing Hooked on Love:

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Here's a tune from Sue Foley ~ if this is released on an album, I couldn't find it! =)

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To wrap up this set of clips from Dani Wilde, here's I Love You More Than I Hate Myself, from Heal My Blues:

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Blues artists tend not to have polished video clips, or not too many of them. It all works out in the end, though, because blues artists tend to excel when you stick them on a stage.

Anywho, here's a non-live clip, a studio audio performance with a bit of a story line in the clip. The tune is Bring Your Loving Home, from her 2008 album Heal My Blues:

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Today's clip starts off mid-note, but that's just a prelude, before Dani & band launch into the Muddy Waters tune Mannish Boy:

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Today's tune, I Want Your Loving, from Heal My Blues, features Dani's brother Will on harmonica and backing vocals.

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Today we have an acoustic guitar & vocals performance of In The Mood, from Dani's debut album, Heal My Blues.

If you missed yesterday's clip for her Johnny Copeland cover, check it out first, if only to get the full effect of her speaking voice vs. her singing voice.

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Continuing the theme of female blues guitarists (which will be expanded a few artists down the line to include vocalists who don't play guitar as well), here's Dani Wilde.

I selected this video to start Dani's set because she talks a bit about some of her background before launching into the Johnny Copeland tune Ghetto Child, more recently recorded by Johnny's daughter Shemekia. Now, the reason I wanted to start with Dani's talk was so that the first thing you hear from her is her soft voice and her accent as she talks about working with school children in Kenya.

Because, in that way, the impact of her singing voice is all the more amazing.

For reference, Dani's debut album, released in 2008, is Heal My Blues, and we'll get to a song or two from that disc over the next few days.


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