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Ghost Pipes

Flowers and mushrooms under the cut... )

As usual, click on any picture to go see these and a few more on Flickr...
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I think all these pictures were taken this calendar year, at least... =)

You can hover over these for a title, or click on them to head over to Flickr and see more/other sizes/so on...

Darmera peltata

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Oct. 10th, 2008 01:22 pm
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No, I didn't buy that one on my wish list (actually, it's on the Landscaping Wish List, because the company owns the camera! =) - I remembered that we have an el cheapo freebie one that came with the video camera.

Anywho, I pulled it out of a box in the cellar and set about using it for a few shots, just to see what's what. Results can be seen on Flicker - here's an example:

If I Stay Still He'll Go Away

In related news, my pictures have been generating some good feedback, and, not only that, I'm seeing some improvement in my work. I still don't think I'm anywhere near the point [livejournal.com profile] patrixa thinks I am, but I'd really like feedback from those what know better on how I can get there... and I'd like to hear from people who know what they like (even if they only have a slight idea as which end of a camera points in which direction!) on the individual shots.
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Took the kids on a hike along the trail we had worked on a few times this year (the Prairie Grass Loop at the Lehigh Gap Nature Center - my first time on the trail when I could stop and really enjoy the scenery.

Here are some of the results:

With Long Boney Fingers...

More, some larger, hiding under this rock... )

As always, click on a picture to go to Flickr - there's lots more new ones there!

Semi cross-posted to [livejournal.com profile] naturesbeauty (mostly different pictures!)
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Moon #1

Also, other things hidden under here... )

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I kind of figured this shot would have been more popular, what with the economy, the bailout, the presidential elections, and so on:


Then again, I guess everyone already knows it, and doesn't want to wallow in it...
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If you can't stand the sight of gigantic spiders - or can't wait for a large picture to load - run away and don't click! )

The barn spider was finally caught being active. More so than I thought, as I didn't see that his web actually snagged some prey until I started cropping the last few photos... I wonder what I would have caught if I kept taking them? =)
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Take a picture of yourself RIGHT NOW.
don't change your clothes, don't fix your hair...just take a picture.
first, post that picture in a reply to this post with NO editing.
then, if you want, you can also place your picture in your own post with these instructions

Me Now
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Martian Puppy Dog
Originally uploaded by ellyssian
Actually, [livejournal.com profile] aequitaslevitas found him in the mint.

I went through my usually-insta-ID sources, and couldn't find him listed there.

Any ideas?

Click through for a few more pictures of different angles.

Edit: We found the answer! Rachel and I figured it out - it's a hermit sphinx moth caterpillar.
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That would be Brandon Canyon, and the Rachel River...

Looking southish...

Brandon Canyon

...and northish...

Brandon Canyon Meadow 1

As always, click through for more pictures... in this case, a few more of the river and canyon, and a bunch of the meadows there and up on the sandmound, as well as a single picture of Mr. B (friends & family only) and nearly a dozen of an as-yet unidentified spider (must admit, I haven't even tried...)
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Side View
Originally uploaded by ellyssian
Cotton Candy roof (it flattened out since Thursday... kinda looks more like snow?), PEZ masonry chimney, a front walk paved in gold...

Click through the pic for a handful more, along with possibly correct attributions for most of the details.
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Go, see beautiful photos - Hylas and the Nymphs by [livejournal.com profile] gothindulgence.
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A beautiful red tailed hawk just stopped by for a while, perched about 20-30' down the back path, about 10' from the ground.

Deb caught sight of him while we were discussing what to do for lunch today, and kept an eye on him while I hunted down her camera. I just found him as she was bringing him into focus when he decided to fly away, low, through the trees.

Beautiful, but, alas, no photographic evidence.

Deb is considering wearing the camera as an earring so she has it at hand, having missed this bird and the pileated woodpecker a few weeks ago. And the deer that looked incredible amidst the fresh snowfall and large snowflakes last week.
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A new icon, and it's actually one of me. I've been using it over on MySpace, what with the musical theme of what I'm using that site for (which is all it's good for, IMO - that, and getting me annoying spam about women who just love my profile, and want me to look at their pictures. Which, actually, isn't much of a motavating factor as far as I'm concerned with, but it is what gathers the most in the inbox over there.)

It snowed shortly after I got home - just *whump* and there it was, 10,000* deep or so. More than we've had all season, including two previous "more than we've had" days. Another 10 or 15 million more * and I might have to use the snowblower tomorrow morning. This is almost good - I'm not quite sure the lungs can hack the cold. Walking to the car these past few days has been enough to convince me that lungs are great right up until they don't want anything to do with air.

I updated the project post - the guys are really making progress on the room. Drywall is coming this Friday. Next week and after will be devoted to taping then painting. I picked out the ceiling light fixture for the room today - they will also be installing a closet light and a light in each of the closet/crawlspaces under the eaves. Justin still has to pick out the paint - I said anything was fine as long as it could be either painted over or wasn't obnoxious enough to need to be painted over (he was leaning towards olive drab - not for any military bent, just because he likes the color.)
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Okay, the pictures aren't here, they're over on MySpace - but they're brand new!

Okay, brand new scans from 1992. And 1991. And a whole bunch taken by [livejournal.com profile] nhmetalchick way back in 1988.

Almost all are pics with guitars, because, well, I'm using that whole thing for music purposes and so forth.

While you're over there, check out some of the bands on my friends list - those in the "Top Friends" (at the moment) are mostly bands I've met (with the exception of Michael Hedges (RIP) and Amanda Sommerville (who, at the least, is named after a place I know...) and [livejournal.com profile] julianafinch who I know from here and TH so she still counts... =)

I have them ordered by how long I've known them - so Tommy and Charlie in Sweet Cheater get the ol' timers prize; I've known them since working at the days at the Belmont Music Workshop while I was still in high school...
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And a Heron in a Pine Tree
Originally uploaded by ellyssian.
A number of pictures from the recent visit to Mount Auburn Cemetery are now posted over on Flickr - click on the picture to see more of them.

This first one captures a great blue heron in a pine tree - it escaped there when we started it along the pond edge. A number of reasonably good pictures resulted, but, sadly, we were not able to get close enough for a really great picture.

Of course, I feel that the tree it is perched in is very beautiful even without the feathered ornamentation...
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Rachel River Ice Leaves
Originally uploaded by ellyssian.
The water in Rachel River left this little scene behind when the temperature dropped...
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The Grave of Dead Tanis
Originally uploaded by ellyssian.
Here lies Tanis, or at least that's what my wife thought when she buried him just beyond the rocks where his sister likes to sit. He showed up the next day, of course

This spot is just off the side of our porch, and will, one day, be somewhat obscured by a Japanese red maple. Unless the deer eat it, of course.


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