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Today's tune is Stream Dream from his 2002 album, Live Insanity ~ and I wouldn't be surprised if this video is of that same album performance:

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Today's tune is The King's Cup from Tony's 1987 album Maximum Security, although this clip is of more recent vintage:

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Someone had posted this a while back but, brilliant me, I forgot to note who that was and now I forgot... so no credit where credit is due...

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This video looks like it just might have come from Paul Gilbert's instructional DVD, Terrifying Guitar Trip ~ a reviewer mentions the "crazy backgrounds", so that makes this a somewhat uneducated guess. =)

This tune is Paul's attempts to play flamenco, without having any real grounding in the art... so it's not traditional, but it is some nice acoustic guitar playing:

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Today's tune wraps up the Kari tunes, with one from her 1995 demo:

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Today's tune is from Kari's 1998 album, Mesmerized:

(Fans of female vocalists from Loreena McKennitt, to Tori Amos, to pretty much anything else, who like styles of music from folk to dance to pretty much anything else... you've all listened to this right?)
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Here's another track from 1997's Spindelsinn ~ this one is a live performance:

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Today's tune is from Kari's 1997 debut album, which was reissued in 2005 ~ but even that is out of print.

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Wrapping up our little set of rhapsodies Bohemian, here's Edgar Cruz with a performance on nylon string guitar:

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Nylon string guitar has a beautiful sound...

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Just heard the news...

Article on Rolling Stone here.

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Today's tune is another one that might prove recognizable to some...

The California Guitar Trio recorded Bohemian Rhapsody (Album Version) on their 2008 album Echoes.

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Ol' Joey Bach sure could write a decent tune, no?

This cover of Bach's best can be heard on CGT's 1995 album Invitation:


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