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This morning, Rachel woke up suddenly.

"What time was I born?"

She was off by a few minutes. =)

A dozen years, minus about a half hour, after we spent the night at the birthing center with the midwife, I piloted Deb and the midwife down an icy hill, almost driving right into the emergency room entrance (The smokers sitting on the bench in front of the glass entry way got up and moved. Quickly.) The midwife commandeered ~ and by this I mean that the under 5' tall woman barked orders like a commanding general to an infantry squad ~ an ambulance crew who were intending on reloading a stretcher (once they got around my car, which was stopped almost blocking the door), and re-routed them back into the hospital and up to the delivery room. After parking the car somewhat more legally than the "don't even think of driving here" area the midwife had me drop them off at, I was able to find the delivery room quite easily, as ~ well, there wasn't quite a swath of destruction, but for some reason, there was still a clear path from the charge of the midwife's phalanx. I just had to walk a little bit further, and I think I might have had to ask "Which way did the..." once, without getting the entire question out, and people just pointed, and I found them.

Minutes later, with everyone in the hospital and probably the entire state watching (seriously, it felt like an old operating theater, with crowds of people...) I held my favoritest daughter ever, Rachel Laurana, in my arms.


Sep. 7th, 2009 08:27 pm
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"My sleep fu is great!" Goes into guard position, rolls backwards, snoring before he hits the ground

"I'll get you with hug fu!" jumps on Rachel with a huge hug "That's another word for fall down tackle hug!"

Mr. B: "Nuggie fu! Now that's preposterous!"
Deb: "Who taught you that word?"
Mr. B: "Me!"

Disclaimer: We spent the previous half hour using "preposterous" over and over in hopes he would use it in front of Deb. That's what she gets for not reading this! =P


Jun. 26th, 2009 11:02 pm
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Deb says, as she's opening a fortune cookie, "It would be great if it had a hundred dollar bill in it!"

Instead, her cookie tells her: "It isn't worth anything unless you earn it"

This is even better than the time I was working on the duplex printing of report cards and IPRs for Lynn, MA and received the fortune: "DDDUUUPPPLLLEEEXXX IS BROKEN"
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The other day, Deb and I were out on the porch to discuss some things without distraction (yeah, you could pronounce "distraction" as "Mr. B" =), and we watched our young neighborhood red tailed hawk soar low across the front yard with mouse (or maybe chipmunk) in hand. Or foot. Or talon.

I may not have been able to catch the booger on film, but he was most definitely a red tail.

~ ~ ~

This morning, Deb was out on the porch, sipping her coffee, and noticed Tika stop eating. The cat turned, looked out under the hosta, and leaped through the railing. She came back with a mouthful of green feathers that had, a few moments ago, been a sparrow.
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"I'm so excited! You're the greatest mommy ever!" -- Mr. B, to Deb

"And my last name is Dusclops!"
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Mr. B: "Mom says she wants to watch the Spider McChronicles tonight."

Me: "The Spiderwick Chronicles?"

Mr. B: "No, the Spider McChronicles."

Me: "The Spider McChronicles?"

Mr. B: "Yeah."
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Despite all attempts otherwise, I'm beginning to get hooked* on Legend of the Seeker. Curses, foiled again!

Anywho, that was mostly just random updatia. =)

[livejournal.com profile] aequitaslevitas and I really need to get back to doing some regular workouts. We're leaping into quick sparring exchanges more often, but we really need the full workout or we're only doing a tiny percentage of the work. The easiest way to picture what we do is to think of Kato and Inspector Clouseau, except tempered a wee bit. =)

What we need to be doing is some stretching so I can gain back the flexibility I lost almost a dozen years ago with that chiropractor, and some strength and cardiovascular training.

We did get some opportunities to work out outside before the weather turned cold ~ I look forward to picking that up again in the Spring, because there's really not room enough in the house for one to do iai do practice, let alone two. We ran into similar difficulties with some of the baguazhang exercises. While we can do some of that, the circular stepping has to get packed down to fit in the space we have. Of course, we've been working on the capoeira, and that also takes a lot of space... oy.

The Jeet Kune Do practice, however, emphasizes putting odd martial arts but otherwise everyday situations into practice. So tonight, as commercials came up, we'd practice while sitting on the couch. And when the credits rolled, we began sparring over and around the couch, then on to the ground. We haven't really done any practice with ground fighting of any kind, so that was interesting.

After [livejournal.com profile] aequitaslevitas almost took out my knee from where he landed on the floor (after I assisted him in getting off the couch backwards and somewhat upside down), I worked around him, got him in a hold, and took him the rest of the way back down.

And much fun was had, except by Deb, who probably looked upon us as an observer might look upon the Inspector and Kato.

Some capoeira videos under the cut... )

* I've skipped out on three episodes or so, but watched a few more seconds each time. This time, I watched most of the episode. For shame! =)
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There's a clump of stuff in the middle that Deb needs to sort through. She had said it was all mine, and to just throw it out, but her hammock isn't mine... her hiking boots aren't mine... so I think she needs to take a look and make some judgements. There's a dead Mac monitor that we need to get to the proper recycling type folks.

We took the PVC pipes up to the attic, spread around the boards that were up there, failed to get the large plywood sheet up there, cut it in half, and then put it up there... and then we put the ladder hooks up, got the ladder up on the wall and out of the way, and cleaned up the rest.

We've been here five years, and we're finally going to get a car in the garage! =)

(There's no hope on getting the other one in, not until the company gets it's own place to live, and, even then, possibly not until we also get a shed.)
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[Deb sitting on a chair, Mr. B crawls into her lap]

Deb: Do you want to sit on daddy's lap?

[Mr. B, still mostly asleep, shakes his head no. I sit down on another chair, knee to knee with Deb.]

Me: Do you want to sit in both of our laps?

[Mr. B, still mostly asleep, pauses for a second or ten, looking at me, smiling, eyes still attempting to stay open.]

Mr. B: I can not sit on both of your laps, my butt is too little.


Jul. 5th, 2008 09:01 pm
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Me: "Do you think it's going to rain?"
Mr. B: "No. I'm taking a bath, not a shower. I'm just a little kid. I'm just 3, you know."
Me: "No... I meant rain, outside, not a shower in the tub!" (which is where Mr. B was located during this)
Mr. B: "Oh. I don't want it to rain outside either."
Me: "I want it to rain. Good for the yard."
Mr. B: "If it rains I'll be angry and mommy will be angry so naaaa..." (sticks out his tongue)
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In no particular order:

Justin has his driver's permit. I took him over to the parking lots - and roads - at Beltzville. We went over everything I could think of - pulling into and out of parking spaces, going forward and backward in line, parallel parking, three point turns, and so on.

Rachel got her purple belt. She also assisted at a birthday party, and, after witnessing how none of the kids in gym could stretch properly, she wrote a letter to her sensei and to her gym teacher, and the end result of her efforts will be that the karate school will be spending a whole day at the middle school assisting the gym teacher.

Mr. B is not hitting his brother, he's whacking him.

Justin received a final grade of 90 in his first college level course.

Rachel played several concerts with the middle school band and went on a trip to an amusement park. Her band received a gold medal - only the second out of eleven years - in a performance for the high school professors.

Deb, Justin, and Rachel will be going down to Philly to volunteer at the Race for the Cure tomorrow.

July 12th, 3-5, I'll be giving a talk on native plants and natural landscaping at the Moravian Book Shop in Bethlehem.

That'd be the end of the good news section. In the quite-possibly-not-so-good-news section, Deb's sister Pat - who a number of you have met at the cookouts - will be undergoing an operation to get a biopsy of... something in her brain. They don't know What, yet. And the entire board of the hospital is being brought in to figure out exactly What. Good thoughts would be welcome.
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Justin and I are making fajitas. The pico de gallo is chilling. Yum, for the scents of roasted peppers, garlic, and onion! We're watching the Deadliest Catch on Discovery (Deadliest Catch weekend!)

Earlier today, we went to Flow for some delicious local food - I'll do a full review, but in the meantime, go there and eat. It's good. If you're not near Jim Thorpe, PA, you need to come and visit and eat. I suppose distance might negate some of the eating-locally-grown-&-raised thing, but if you're in the area to visit, you should definitely stop by.

Deb, Rachel, Mr. B, and [livejournal.com profile] patrixa left for NC yesterday morning, and are now at my dad's mom's place.

And I think that's most of the news! =)
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Easter morning, the kids woke me up bright and early. Well, Rachel did. She started it.

I groggily headed out into the hall and noticed it was a mess - something was spilled all over the floor. I instructed her she'd have to get Kirby and get to work cleaning that up, and I had her wake Justin up so he could get some coffee going and get to work on chores. For some reason, they tried to convince me that the mess was just jellybean trails left by the Easter bunny, but I wasn't buying it. They woke up Deb and Mr. B, and me and the little guy discussed how it couldn't be Easter, because if it was there'd be a basket and the start of a trail outside his door, and that couldn't be... and finally he woke up enough to see exactly how silly I was.

Turns out there *was* a basket sitting outside his door and a trail of jellybeans (and, to be fair, robins' eggs).

The kids followed their trails, which led to large plastic eggs, each with a folded piece of paper. "TIME TO" read Brandon's, "GO OUTSIDE" read Rachel's, and "AND FIND EGGS!" was Justin's. So we suited up and out we went.

Brandon found his dozen eggs first, so he was able to help Justin and Rachel with their searches. Rachel wound up finding the last one for Justin, and then we all went back in to thaw and put together some clues. Brandon had twelve puzzle pieces which formed the picture of a stove, with a large X over it. Rachel had some fragments, which puzzled out to: "THEL" "OOTI", "SNOT", "INTH", "EDIS", "HWAS", & "HER." Justin's read: "THEL", "OOT", "I", "SNOT", "INT", "HEW", "ASH", "ING", "MACH", "INE." Rachel was the first to realize that meant the loot was in the dryer, and so it was. Tricky Easter bunny.

For breakfast, after an appetizer of malted milk robins eggs, jellybeans, and Peeps, we had some popovers, eaten hot and fresh with lots of butter. Good stuff! Later in the afternoon, we had a delicious meal of ham, fresh kielbasa, Hilshire Farms polska kielbasa, mashed potatoes, and corn. Yum!
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The Oy Bit: Teh Intarwebs disrepeered on me! We've been down and out from, well, since my last post until now.

The Good Bit: Deb is off with [livejournal.com profile] dragonflypug watching the Rangers and Penguins freeze their tails off on the ice. This is extra good because it's not the Bruins, just the team that plays against them. Anywho, we've been having fun here: Mr. B created a whole slew of new Brandonisms I have to attempt to remember; he played in his sandbox with Rachel, and they were blowing bubbles and doing other such things. Then we went to the Boulevard Drive-In - one of two diners in close proximity on 443.

This place is miles and oodles more of miles from the nearest ocean, in a land where Red Lobster is considered seafood and even the upscale places serve something that looks an awful lot like a Gorton's product, a pressed popsicle of fish-like stuff. Somehow, this diner manages to have the best fish & chips I've had when I couldn't see the ocean from the place. It's not fine-dining fish & chips, which are no where near as good as The Real Thing, which is best found in tiny little roadside stands where the locals congregate - you know, the kind of place that has a few spaces in the parking lot and a dock where the fisherman can pull up and give them the best of the catch. I really can't figure it, how this place ranks, but I'm not going to complain - they serve a fish & chips that actually consists of pieces of fish, fried.

After a great meal, we headed over to the playground at the neighborhood state park and lake. Brandon will tell you some of that story when I post his speechification in a little bit, but he had fun on the slides and all. There was also some see-sawing, and it took a couple of kids - the older ones - to move the thing when I stood on the other side. Go figure, eh? There was also a game of tag, a game of cops and robbers, and a red squirrel on the covered bridge. Brandon decided he wanted to play with the rental boats, and he was a little miffed we wouldn't let him. As a consolation, we went back, hit the playground one more time, and then headed home.
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While yesterday wasn't technically a weekend or holiday for me, I know it was for some folks out there, so here's my annoying, repetitive helpful, friendly summary, mostly on account of neglecting to post it yesterday, presented here with a bonus item of breaking news...

For those who need a regular dosage of The Adurable, I give you some Brandonisms. For those who eat food, I give you Cinnamon Rum Candy Glazed Fish. For those who watch movies, I give you the first installment of the Monday's Thirteen guessing game (You can view last week's meme as the pilot episode =). For those of you who feel passionately about a certain computer software vendor's products, I give you Why Microsoft Products Rule the World.

And, best of all, I include quotes from an article in one of the leading green industry trade publications, in which the owner of Green Man Enviroscaping LLC is quoted regarding the importance of safety equipment.

Which is pretty cool because that particular owner would just so happen to be me. =)

Okay, so much for the summary updatia bits, here's the exciting news: Deb and Mr. B are meeting me for lunch. This is a wee bit out of their way after they drop [livejournal.com profile] aequitaslevitas off at college. Of course, I'd be foolish to reveal the reason for them coming down here - so I won't mention this is the second day I've left my sunglasses in my other coat, or that I compounded things for today by also leaving my house keys and wallet there as well. Ooops.

Okay, so it wasn't all that exciting. I suppose it doesn't come close to matching real, live, breaking news, like that of Castro's stepping down from his presidency, but there you have it.
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The bug is in the throat. This is kind of like Jaws 3-D, where "the shark is in the park" becomes a catch phrase, except it's really more annoying than that... umm... paragon of movie making art.

Deb is even worse off, which is a shame, because last night she was taken out for her Kissmas gift from [livejournal.com profile] 1jadedhart. She was able to enjoy the Jeffrey Gaines show, but afterwards, she went with [livejournal.com profile] 1jadedhart and [livejournal.com profile] dragonflypug for a few drinks and that venue allowed smoking. As I took some sick days earlier last week (and worked from home for some others), we gave Deb a sick day today. Of course, the real shame last night was that Deb looked great, but the smooching scene just wasn't happening with both of us sick. =(

On another tangent in the health-related department, blood pressure is a royal pain. First, it's high enough to give a hard-boiled admissions nurse a coronary when she measured it (assisted by the fact that while she was rallying the forces to save me from imminent explosion, I heard a call of nature and she thought I had wandered off and died), and now it's low enough that standing up meets with some challenges.

After a bit of dizziness as I stood up from picking out a CD or three to listen to, I experienced yet more dizziness walking from one end of the house to the other, and thus decided to measure it. 90/52. From a personal (measured) high of 205/164 a few years ago, and an average unmedicated value of 160/104. Oy. That makes the annoyances of a cold that much more annoying.

Go Go Go!

Jan. 20th, 2008 08:34 pm
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Of course, after the results of the earlier game today there's just a wee bit of tension in the house.

Deb's Steelers have been out for a while - but at that point she switched over to an Anyone But The Pats mentality. She's hoping Green Bay wins this game, as she thinks they have a better chance of taking down the Patriots.

Although the Pats have had a few close calls, they've got a perfect season - they are the better team and it will be nice to see them through, completely undefeated, whichever team they wind up facing in two weeks.
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As of today I've been married for 15 years. Conveniently, I arranged to have the wedding on two year anniversary of our having met, so I always remember that date as well.

We opened the gift from [livejournal.com profile] patrixa this morning - some soy beads and a warmer. The beads we have are: Vanilla Coffee, Earthly Embrace, Beach Walk, Ocean Mist, and, I think, one other... Harmony? Serenity? They smell great, and we're looking forward to melting some this evening!
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Justin and I are preparing for our annual pilgrimage along the Forest, through Fairyland, and Beyond and Back Again!

Yep, it's almost time to go pick up the New Year Chinese feast (as opposed to the Chinese New Year feast, which we don't often celebrate, but we probably should...)

As for the updatia bit, we got a ton of snow (or 5", which ever comes first), and me without my plow. Snow forecasted for tomorrow, too. Plow forecasted for Wednesday, and sunny after that...

Brandon took his first solo sled ride - the soft yet heavy stuff slowed him to a sedate pace. Very entertaining to watch him sitting still so long... all the way down the front lawn. He sat upright and serious and, although I only saw him from the back, I'm almost positive he didn't even blink for the entire ride.

Rachel built a real, live, actual snowman - one of the life-sized guys - with some assistance from Mr. B. Deb took some shots, and I got to see them, but most others won't because she never posts anything. =(

Justin and I cleared the driveway - he cleared the walk and around the cars (and the cars themselves) and I took care of the rest, using the DR with the plow. It did a great job, pushing glaciers in front of it. Snowblowers around me were choking on the stuff, so it's probably a good thing the chain had snapped a few weeks back and I didn't even attempt it. First time I used the plow on snow (used it on the gravel to get that in place Autumn 2006) and I liked it. Took longer than the Boss will when it's on the truck, of course, but nice nonetheless.

Anywho, off I go... time to get dinner!
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Deb is working on a puzzle. Earlier, she had to repeatedly warn Mr. B away from getting his hands on the pieces.

Justin picked up a piece and tried to fit it in.

Deb: Hey!

Mr. B: Justin, don't do dat!

Mr. B turns to Deb: Justin has to do dat 'cause he's cazy.

Mr. B turns back to Justin: Don't do dat ever again and don't touch mom's puzzle 'cause you can't touch mom's puzzle and I gon' to pank your bummy.

Mr. B walks over to where Justin is sitting on the chair and can't get at his intended target.

Mr. B: I gonna pank your back instead and I am panking your back and don't ever do that again and you can't touch mom's puzzle and I am panking you and... etc., in various orders...


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