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Read this earlier:
Stop Making Me Sign Up

I understand the drive to build the almighty contact list. I wonder how much of a sell it would be to get clients to back off a bit and take it step by step? Key point: build trust before requiring their data.
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The next round of changes over at EverettAWarren.com have been completed.

The main fix was to get rid of those really ugly iframe blocks to show content from this blog on the site. The clunky frames have been replaced with CSS-prettified RSS feeds. This brought about an unplanned but welcome change in that links throughout the site now show a dotted underline when you hover over them.

On a couple pages ~ specifically services and writing ~ content will now show and hide itself by clicking on text that will show the same hover behavior as the links.

I made a few minor tweaks and additions in content, and a few other minor prettifications, as I worked through the changes.

I'm pretty happy with how things are looking. The Tolkienesque font for the buttons is still moderately cheesy, but I like how it looks better than the other dozens of options (out of the gazillions of fonts I have installed) that I took the time to look at. Then again, I am a fantasy author, and a programmer... so if Tolkienfonts fit, wear 'em, I guess.

The bread crumbs for navigation are still to come. The RSS changes are significant enough that I wanted to get this out now and not risk starting on the crumbs without the time to finish and deploy the changes tonight. When the crumbs do appear, should the old standby bottom-of-screen navigation go away? Let me know what you think ~ I'm curious!
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Just when I had caught up with my coursework, I went and spent all day yesterday working through all the pages of EverettAWarren.com to match the appearance of the changes made on the splash landing the day before.

I'm now half a day behind on lectures in the Systematic Program Design course ~ although I wrapped the lectures in the Digital Media & Mobile Apps course ~ and I have a nearly mostly almost usable website as a result.

Most of my time was spent on a somewhat known bug with Safari, and various workarounds thereof, involving onload and the DOM. Theoretically, the onload event triggers after the page has loaded completely. Safarially, the onload triggers prior to any elements being loaded, even if you move the script to the last part of the page, and no matter if you make the proper sacrifices, chant the appropriate chant, and check windspeed and direction prior to loading the page.

I could see that Safari could run the exact code ~ it did so in a JSFiddle ~ but couldn't do it on its own.

In a production situation, I would have bagged the image maps ~ the problem came in while trying to resize the maps with window resizing ~ and gone with individual buttons much sooner than I did, or forced a static window size, but it was just too much fun playing with some more complex Javascript than I have in a while.

The current state of the site:
  • CSS implemented across the site
  • All pages changed (with the exception of the EARN Financial Plan Calculator) to use the CSS
  • Some updates to content as I noticed they were needed
  • Navigation to all major pages completed
  • Main graphic simplified to improve load times

I still need to:
  • Improve the graphics on the small buttons (they've been resized up and down as I figured out the best size, and are fairly fuzzy as a result)
  • Build graphics for the various tags on the blog page
  • Get rid of the ugly iframe handling of the blogs and use RSS or something that can be integrated into the site
  • Breadcrumbs and/or clean up the original text link navigation
  • Write the poetry page already
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There are going to be a lot of changes over at EverettAWarren.com...

Some of them have already made it to the landing page!

Although I still want to keep the site simple and straight-forward in support of the multiple primary purposes it has (promote my writing, host my resume, promote my business services), I do want it to look a little less basic and more spiffy, as it were.

After the initial facelift ~ which I still need to carry out across the site ~ and a tiny bit of refactoring, I'll be improving the navigation. Prettifying it, really, as it works now... but I'll be using buttons instead of text links, and that sort of thing. After that, I'll finish the refactoring and get everything cleaned up, especially CSS-wise. In that way, the site will better reflect my coding ~ although it will still be on the simpler side. It just doesn't need a whole lot of bells and whistles.

As a further in-construction disclaimer, the main image on that splash page is currently huge, with ridiculous load times. That has already been fixed, and will get better once I push the next round of changes out.
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Thanks to Tatterpixie over on DreamWidth...

This morning, I was able to set up NetworkedBlogs, syndicate the GME blog so it can be added to Facebook walls, get it to post to the GME Facebook page, and add widgets to the blog enabling you to like the GME page or subscribe to the blog.


We should be good to go.

With only one follower (me), the syndication will happen very slowly... maybe once a day? That more than matches the speed I post to the blog, though, so it's not a huge deal... except in this first case, where I want to find out if it all worked! =)
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Is there anyone here (on DreamWidth, LiveJournal, or Facebook) who uses Blogger and manages to get it to post to Facebook?

I want to get the Green Man Enviroscaping blog set up so I can get the GME facebook page to crosspost them.

I can share the posts individually (and so can anyone who looks at them), but those would post to my facebook wall and not to the company's. In LiveJournal, this is easy enough to set up, but I couldn't find an equivalent feature in Blogger's tools.

Any ideas? (short of migrating the blog entirely, which I'd prefer not to do!)

All New!

Aug. 28th, 2009 11:18 am
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Well, mostly new, at least picture-wise.

Yeah, I updated greenmanenvy.com... if you've been reading along (and have access to secured posts!), you've seen most of the photos used in the update, if not all of them.

At long last, I updated the gallery with two more projects ~ the deer exclosures from this Spring and the more recent work in Weissport. I had been delaying on the latter to let the Borough do a reveal on it first, but I wanted to get that stonework on there.

As soon as it rains enough to wash the last of the work on the Stone Stream clean, I'll take pictures of that project and add it to the page.


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