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With the exception of the incredibly good news regarding "The Hollow Man" (See this ~ help support the project! We are less than $300 from our stretch goal of art for all ten stories!), everything has been static since I started working back in October. On the one hand, it's good to be working, and paying bills is always considered a positive thing. On the other hand, it's an enormous amount of work to market and manage the an artistic career, and it's another enormous amount of work to go about doing the creative side of the business ~ or, at the least, in my case, a huge amount of spare time spent looking at a blank screen, and feeling settled and secure enough to relax and let the words out to fill some pages. Between starting a job, moving, and some major health speed bumps, it's been difficult to gather that time... but I will get to it. Hopefully soonish, because there's some characters that are starting to look mighty agitated that I'm not talking about them behind their backs...

Finished Works:
  • Full Moon Poetry, urban fantasy, 14,100 words ~ in editing ~ needs formatted ~ two markets in mind
  • Trouble and Captain Jack, steampunk, 8,600 words, submitted 8/27/2012
  • Ghost Dance, urban fantasy, 5,500 words, edited, formatted, waiting for market's reading period to open in October
  • The Hollow Man, fantasy noir, 4,600 words, to be published by Solarwyrm Press
  • The Sky Galleons of Mediolanum, Renaissance-Era Macedonian Empire steampunk, 4,400 words, submitted 9/27/2012
  • Of the Leaves and of the Waves, urban fantasy, 4,100 words, edited, formatted, waiting for market's reading period to open in October
  • A Rose for Princess, fairy talish fantasy, 3,800 words, submitted 9/24/2012
  • Gathering, urban fantasy, 3,100 words, edited, formatted, and submitted 9/24/2012
  • Never Ever After, myth/fantasy, 3,100 words, in editing, have market in mind
  • Empress Awakened, classic fantasy, 1,400 words, submitted 9/16/2012

In Progress:
  • Kryptos, Renaissance-Era Macedonian Empire steampunk novel, 53,700 words out of maybe 120,000 (mostly notes)
  • L'Abattoir, pirate steampunk novella, 17,200 words out of maybe 60,000
  • The Ellyssian Tarot, tarot deck and book, 13,000 words out of maybe 120,000 (mostly notes)
  • The Gauntlet, fantasy novel, 5,500 words out of maybe 120,000
  • Mad Max, steampunk, 3,100 words out of ?
  • Changeling, werewolf, 1,300 words out of ?
  • The Last Great Battle, classic fantasy, 1,200 words out of ?
  • green tracks, urban fantasy, 100 words out of ?


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