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The Wind Can Not Win

The Wind Can Not Win, 2008

The Wind Remembers from Whence it Came

By Everett A Warren

The wind comes through the trees
and sighs softly in an aside as it stirs fallen leaves
who no more it's way obscure;
bare tree bones tremble and shake and bow their leafless crowns
but not so low as they had of old, for, although they no longer catch the wind up
in green grasp, the wind finds it no easy task to pull boughs down.
The wind, if it were of lesser kind, perhaps would feel thwarted,
but the wind is the breath of the clouds who are the mists of mighty waterfalls,
and the wind remembers from whence it came;
from sunlight descended and leaves assembled,
through heartwood descended and through the roots transcended,
until once more leaves release it, cleansed, to the sky ascended.
The fallen leaves rustle, brought low by the wind, to shelter
and blanket the Earth before the snows;
for the wind remembers from whence it came.

Copyright © 2004 Everett A Warren

This poem can be found in the collection Poetry from the Porch Period,
available via the publisher or from Amazon.com
or on order from your local bookstore!


Jan. 30th, 2008 11:42 am
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Saw that in the forecast and I thought it was kind of funny.

Then I tried to walk through the wind tunnel between my building and the bank. And cross a street. And walk a block and a half. And back.


The whole way back I was into the wind, so my eyes teared up and I could not quite look where I was going. Then, with the wind tunnel effect, it took three tries to open the door to get back in the building. And then the door swung open yanking me with it. And it took two hands to pull it closed.

I tell you, that little hike gave me a more thorough and complete workout than I've ever had at a gym.

Oi, will I be sore tomorrow... =)


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