Jun. 8th, 2013

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Put about 1,800 words on l'Abattoir, breaking the 20k barrier by a little more than 500 when you add it all together. There is now, officially, an Act Three, as the outline (five or so words of it eaten up so far) gives way to "finished" story. Our tiny (150' long, if I recall) ship is tossed as a storm approaches... then we get all kinds of actiony things going on, full of piratey goodness and Lady MacBathory bloodthirstiness and manipulations, before we get to the grand finale...

And from the other day:

Almost 1,000 words on l'Abattoir ~ all the more surprising because:

  1. it was at the dealership while they took care of a recall
  2. it was all in outline form... 1k words in outline form... and theres still a whole lot of the 3rd act that is not fleshed out, and none of the act is what I'd call "fully" outlined! Meaning the 3 acts of this piratey steampunkity (pre-punk, really) story may not be a novella, but might actually end up as a full-sized (but probably not ginormous) novel.


Which was further updated with:

And 1.5k words more... and the outline phrase "land excursion" now has some bones to it... some of them broken, some eaten... Lady MacBathory is having fun now!

Time to switch gears, turn on some sea shanties (non traditional, as they really came from the period of clipper ships, but they help set the mood!) and PotC soundtracks, and write some of this thing!

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