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I like the looks of Typesafe Slick. The Lifted Embedding is pretty cool, and would be great to get at data and really do all kinds of things most other languages couldn't dream of.

When I first started working with Scala last year, it struck me that a lot of the things I was learning were things I always found myself wanting to do in an imperative language but they just couldn't do it or they were things (like the recursion) that everyone always said to stay away from because they'd break down and fail in 4GL.

I'd really love to have a plugin for the Caché object database... while accessing it with SQL would be cool, it would be great to just be able to get the objects working together. They're still adding support, though, and with Caché being a niche market tool (although I'd love to see it in more widespread usage) it's not likely to get there unless someone writes it. I'll get right on it... and add it to my to-do list. =)

Of course, my interest in Caché is surface-deep at this point. I love the interface for maintaining the dbs, doing the admin, and running SQLs and object queries and stuff. I haven't spent the time working with it to see how it does with a more strenuous workout. The job I was hoping to interview for a while back fell through before it started, so I focused on what was applicable to other things... but I'd kind of like to work with it some more. I have no idea if it scales as well as their marketing material says it does, and I have no idea how many arms and legs it costs (but I expect it's pricey), but I like the promise it has, and the little I've used it has impressed me.

I'm thinking I might need to develop an app or two using those technologies and see how it goes. With scalability in the language and scalability in the dbs, there could definitely be the promise of handling gobs and gobs of data in a much more efficient manner than other tech I've worked with.
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