Dec. 7th, 2018

less than

Dec. 7th, 2018 01:06 am
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less than

By Everett A Warren

December 7, 2018

what i want is irrelevant
wordless i stand beside you
and your wants serve my needs
well enough that no need hath i
for mine own but yours made manifest
move like dancers lithe and wary of the dark
full of grace like poplar leaves they simmer
in the wake of the words you speak at me
and the winds strip them from your branches
once the coldness of your breath hath chilled them
from the green that once resembled life
to the bright of the sun that shines not upon me
to the red of the fires that burn stillborn
as with my desires, as with your whistling words
that weasel their way from your hiding places
bringing with them their killing frost
and so extracting that which hath made them holy
to the brown of the Earth, they return
to rot, to make you anew with stolen essence
shoring up your soul with all thin sorrows,
weaker than weak, shallower than regret,
with voids that swallow you whole
and still you press for my wants
as if you hath not learned in devastation
as if it serves you to know such arcane trivia
as if i shape such words for mine own purposes
as if such was my right that my words took flesh
taking said morsel upon your desecrated altar
carving it in thin slices served like revenge
and so i want for nothing, feasting upon it
and in disgust you force my hand
ever so unsteady in your cowardice
and i show you the pathways of your mistake
for in truth i want only to not make clear my wants
but you hath robbed me of that luxury
and i am found...

Copyright (c) 2018 Everett Ambrose Warren


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